West Wyalong Movies 4 - Wambyone

West Wyalong Movies 4 - Wambyone


West Wyalong Movies 4 – Wambyone, even today its name still stirs emotions in the minds of those who followed the picnic race circuit.

For a hundered and fihty years and three rushes some one has allways been looking for gold in the gullies beneath Billyslookout.

A wedding in Quandialla during the wettest year on record becomes the greatest story of love.

Iconic photos and the stories behind them.

It was so good they wrote a song about it. The Maher Cup song with an interview with John Kelly, Player and Official. Plus a special tribute to the late Ron Crowe. 

There is more to minning in West Wyalong than Gold . Millers Metals, the small family company that  is West Wyalongs biggest success story.

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