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Trains and Trams

Travel the railway the safe way. In the late 19th and early 20th century it was the train that transformed the vast pastural runs into wheat farms and established many towns and villages. For town and city dwellers it was light rail or trams that took you from one end of the city to the other before the rise of the car.


Stories include:

The Steel Highway

Burcher Derailment

The Melbourne Cable Tramway System

Plus News Stories and Footage of all things “Train”.

Bumper Year

Sit back with a few mates and some lite refreshments for we have for you 2 hours of farming action with no commentary to  interrupt the conversation. Machines of all makes and models from tractors to headers , tillage to hay making and all hard at work because it’s a bumper year.

Millthorpe Farming

Millthorpe on the central table lands of NSW was a centre for vegetable growing as well as cereals and livestock. A true mixed farming area this film from the 1950s shows life on the land and the way it was done backin the day.

Also includes vintage tractor man Newton Williams from the swan Hill Pioneer Park reviewing the 2013 NHMA rally at Mudgee and some of the tractors on display.

West Wyalong Movies 4 - Wambyone

West Wyalong Movies 4 – Wambyone, even today its name still stirs emotions in the minds of those who followed the picnic race circuit.

For a hundered and fihty years and three rushes some one has allways been looking for gold in the gullies beneath Billyslookout.

A wedding in Quandialla during the wettest year on record becomes the greatest story of love.

Iconic photos and the stories behind them.

When the News was Local, The Wyalong Reels

These stories were shot by Ken Gibson from West Wyalong's Bland Studios. He was a professional cameraman who captured the history of this part of the world for many years. This DVD captures precious footage of every major happening in the Wyalong district between the years of 1975 and 1979, including significant developments, prominent locals as well as school and theatrical performances.

Released in April 2013, this is a must have for anyone who was a local or knew a local during the period of this film. Are you a movie star in this film??