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HST - The Headlie Taylor Story

Originally made for the Henty Header Museum and the Millthorpe Golden Memories Museum as a display aid, the story on this DVD was expanded with the inclusion of footage shot by Headlie Taylor before and during his trip to Canada in 1931 to open a factory to produce his Sun Auto Header Harvester for the North American Market under the Massey Harris brand.

Whilst there he took the opportunity to visit the Massey Harris development farm to witness and film the Massey Harris engineers both test and evaluate their own experimental designs but those of their competitors.

Trains and Trams

Travel the railway the safe way. In the late 19th and early 20th century it was the train that transformed the vast pastural runs into wheat farms and established many towns and villages. For town and city dwellers it was light rail or trams that took you from one end of the city to the other before the rise of the car.


Stories include:

The Steel Highway

Burcher Derailment

The Melbourne Cable Tramway System

Plus News Stories and Footage of all things “Train”.